Should I lease, rent or buy a copier

Should I lease, rent or buy a copier?

This is often the most difficult question asked when making this decision. Here is some advice.Typically It makes sense to lease a machine if you are confident that you are capable of paying your monthly payment, each month on time, for the entire duration of that lease term. It also makes sense to do this if you are trying to conserve capital for other expenditures. Leasing (and renting) also qualify differently for deductions; under most standard accounting practices leasing and renting a copier can be written off entirely each month whereas a direct purchase must be depreciated over time. However, Election 179 counters this measure; consult with a CPA or tax attorney for specific details.

Renting a copier is great if you are sure you only need a machine for short duration and will not have a need for its use again over a long duration. Renting is very popular with trade shows, accounting practices during tax season or law firms who take a large case and need additional resources quickly. Typically Renting involves a monthly rental fee that is fully inclusive of a pre-determined page / copy volume, toner, parts, labor, service etc. There are is also a delivery and pick up fee that apply as well.

Buying a copier is in most cases the most uncommon practice because you immediately own the machine from the minute you pay for it.

Service agreements are the second largest decision to make when purchasing a copier. Service agreement are basically a warranty for the equipment that you pay for monthly, that includes a certain page volume and all toner, parts, labor and consumables. In most cases it includes everything with the exception of paper and staples. Many buyers get easily misled here with service contracts; you do not need to lease a machine just to get a service contract. You can still get a service contract if you purchase a machine as well.

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