The practice Physical Ability Test (PAT) encompasses the tools needed in successfully passing the PAT. The Inland Empire Division Recruitment Unit will provide the applicant with a workout program and diet plan that will put the applicant in the position to be successful at the PAT. The practice PAT starts promptly at 0800 hours and ends at 1000 hours. The practice PAT is a stepping stone to achieving the position of Officer with the California Highway Patrol.


The test will be conducted at the Ben Clark Safety Training Center in Riverside.  October 6 2018 8:00am to 10:00 am.


The California Highway Patrol (CHP) Recruitment Unit is highly motivated and excited in giving the applicant the tools to be successful throughout the CHP hiring process as well as graduating from the CHP Academy. We as a staff encourage all applicants to participate in all phases of the Inland Division Applicant Development Program. This will highly increase the applicant’s probability in becoming an Officer for the CHP. On behalf of the Recruitment Unit at Inland Empire Division “harness your extraordinary career.”

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